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METAR results for CYYC on a Kenwood TH-D74

RFDATA is an experimental APRS-based BBS. It is written in Python and uses the aprspy library for parsing APRS packets.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged, and can be sent:-

  • via e-mail to
  • via RFDATA to VE6LY-2 or VE6LY-7 (S VE6LY-7 This is madness)
  • via RFDATA in the MAIN chat (J MAIN and then T MAIN Your service sucks, and here's why...)

You can view a list of chats, mailboxes and commands sent to RFDATA at

If you're interested in following along, it's recommended to join the MAIN and ANNOUNCE chats (with J MAIN and J ANNOUNCE).


RFDATA provides a few different features:-

  • Mailbox - a mailbox feature, allowing you to send and receive messages to other APRS users even if they're offline
  • Chat - a chat feature, where you can create chat groups or join existing ones
  • APRS, QRZ, DX Cluster and Solar information


The service is available on the APRS network as RFDATA.

Note: at the moment, RFDATA treats callsigns with different SSIDs as different stations. This means that messages sent to XX0XXX-1 won't be visible to XX0XXX-2. This may change in the future.

Note: all commands, callsigns and chat names are case-insensitive.


See also: Mailbox

Command Description Example Example response
L List waiting messages L You have 2 message(s) waiting
R n Read message number n R 1 [XX0XXX-1] This is a message from XX0XXX-1
I n Show info for message number n I 1 From: XX0XXX-1 On: 2020-04-17 21:00:00
S callsign-ssid message Send a message to the mailbox for callsign-ssid S XX0XXX-1 Hello there! Message to XX0XXX-1 sent
Y n message Reply to message number n with message Y 1 This is my reply Reply to XX0XXX-1 sent
D n Delete message number n D 1 Message #1 deleted
PN Enable notifications for new messages PN Pounce mode enabled


Command Description Example Example response
W List all available chats W Chats: TEST DEV YYC HT DMR MAIN
C name Create a chat named name and join it C FOOBAR Chat FOOBAR created or Chat FOOBAR exists
J name Join a chat named name J FOOBAR Chat FOOBAR joined, Chat FOOBAR does not exist or Already in chat FOOBAR
P name Leave a chat named name P FOOBAR Chat FOOBAR left, Chat FOOBAR does not exist or Not in chat FOOBAR
T name message

.name message

Send message to the name chat T FOOBAR Hello there!

.FOOBAR Hello there!

XX0XXX-1>FOOBAR: Hello there!
A name topic
Set the topic of name to topic A FOOBAR This is the foobar chat XX0XXX-1 set topic: This is the foobar chat
M List which chats you're a member of M Chats: TEST FOOBAR


Note: DX and SOL are currently unavailable and will return an error.

Command Description Example Example response
Q callsign Query for a station Q VE6LY-7 VE6LY-7 seen 51.04,-114.07 @2020-04-20 03:56:10: 146.850MHz C110
QRZ callsign Look up details for callsign QRZ VE6LY VE6LY/Andy Smith/Calgary, Alberta/Canada/DO21xa
MH Returns your last known Maidenhead locator MG DO21xa (51.04, -114.07) @ 2020-05-09 05:52:16
MT airport Return the METAR for airport MT CYYC CYYC 090600Z 00000KT 15SM FEW110 04/01 A3041 RMK AC1 AC TR SLP335
WX Return the weather for your location WX Clear 3.9C Hu:79.0% W:fr WNW@8.1kmh(g:12.8kmh) FL:1.9C
DX callsign Search the DX cluster for callsign DX VE6AO VE6AO on 10136.6 @2020-03-20 03:24:00 by W1UU
SOL Get solar weather information SOL F:71 A:6 K:1 S:0 @2020-12-31 22:00:00

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