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RFDATA provides a mailbox function, which allows you to send messages to other stations for retrieval later - similar to packet BBSes, but obviously on a much smaller (and shorter) scale.

Listing messages

You can get the number of messages waiting for you by sending L.

>>> L
<<< You have 2 message(s) waiting

Reading messages

To read messages, send R followed by the message number.

>>> R 1
<<< [VE6HUE-1] This is a message to VE6LY-7

Message info

To get the date and time a message was sent, send I followed by the message number.

>>> I 1
<<< From: VE6HUE-1 On: 2020-04-17 21:00:00

Sending messages

To send a message, send S, followed by the callsign and SSID of the destination station, and then your message.

>>> S VE6HUE-1 I got your message!
<<< Message to VE6HUE-1 sent

Replying to a message

To reply to a message, send Y, followed by the message number, and then your message.

>>> Y 1 This is a reply!
<<< Reply to VE6HUE-1 sent

Deleting messages

To delete a message, send D followed by the message number.

>>> D 1
<<< Message #1 deleted

Pounce mode

Pounce mode allows you to be notified of new messages. It's disabled by default, but you can enable it by sending PN.

If you have waiting messages and pounce mode is enabled, the next time you send a position packet over APRS RFDATA will send you a message with the number of messages waiting for you.

>>> PN
<<< Pounce mode enabled